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Get the latest web design news and information from Ocala Website Designs! If you are looking for a website, contact us today!

WordPress Built-In Editor is broken with a “tinymce is not defined” error!

Have you logged into your WordPress website and noticed that your editing buttons are no longer available or that your text is white in the WordPress built-in editor, which makes it look like there is no content in the page, post or products?  I started seeing this recently, and after a few minutes of research,…
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How to kill Fruit Flies, Sewer Flies or Drain Flies in your home or office!

Ok, so this is a little out of the ordinary, not technology oriented, but when you are sitting at your computer at night, getting bombarded by little flies, it can drive you nuts. If you have ever had a fruit fly, drain fly or sewer fly problem, then you completely understand how incredibly insane they…
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InfiniteWP Vs. MainWP – The winner is … ManageWP!

UPDATE: 3/2018 – After I let my license lapse by accident with InfiniteWP, they wanted more than $400 to replace the license.  They were nice enough to offer another discount but after paying $200/year for InfiniteWP, I decided to see what was going on with the other WordPress management services.  I again looked at MainWP but…
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Ocala Women’s Fitness Website, Domain & Social Media Accounts available!

Google Analytics from 1/1/2014 til 5/31/2014 Is anyone interested in the Ocala Women’s Fitness website, domain and social media accounts? The site consistently receives a couple hundred hits per month and hasn’t slowed up since they shut down earlier this year.  The site is still coming up on the first page for common searches for…
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Is your Windows computer calling home for support? NO!

Don’t get Scammed! I actually just received this phone call from an Indian fellow explaining that his team/company works closely with Microsoft and that my Windows 7 computer is calling home for support. He said the Microsoft is to busy to follow up on all the computers phoning in for support that his company is…
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WordPress Phishing/Malware Scam using All In One SEO pitch.

WordPress Users Watch Out! My clients are starting to get this through each of their websites, verified the link has malware.  Use when in doubt! Security warning in the URL: http(:)//wordpresscommunity(.)NET/404javascript.js Suspicious domain detected. Details: Location: http(:)//pagesinxt(.)com/? This is the form from “WordPress Community” and the email address is from a random…
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Ocala Small Business Networking Group SEO Information

I need to clarify the SEO backlinks strategy we discussed in last nights Ocala Small Business Networking Group meeting; it’s good if it’s done properly, and VERY bad if done incorrectly. Google is pretty clear on what they want and don’t want: “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search…
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DHS-Themed ransomware malware activity on the rise!

[message type=”warning”]The following information is from the National Cyber Awareness System and references an increase in activity of a Department of Homeland Security themed ransomware that will attempt to decieve a recipient for the purpose of illegal monetary gain.[/message] [divider] National Cyber Awareness System: Recent Reports of DHS-Themed Ransomware (UPDATE) Original release date: July 30,…
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Ocala Website Designs goes live in 2011!

We have been in the website design business for more than 15 years … We feature WordPress-backend websites built on top of two of the best WordPress design frameworks around!  WordPress, a free website content management system (CMS), brings a lot of functionality to a website. From complex tasks such as; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to the simple ability to…
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