Coeur Business Group Information Technology (I.T.) Audit

Here’s the Coeur Business Group’s IT Audit
for the City of Ocala.

This is what I like to to call
“The Hostile IT Take-Over Audit by Ocala Electric.”

Please know that slander or libel is not intended in any of this document, this is our opinion from our own experience with the Coeur Business Group and their rediculous IT Audit.

We were excited. After all those years of building our network from the ground up, we were actually looking forward to the IT Audit by The Coeur Business Group.  We were hoping that The Coeur Business Group IT audit would give us the leverage we badly needed against all the upper management who just wouldn’t listen to reason.

If your employer is bringing in the Coeur Business Group to audit your IT department, be warned.  It will most likely end with outsourcing and workforce reduction at the infrastructure core.

coeur-business-group-admins-bewareIf you took pride in building your network from the ground up, unfortunately, it will be owned by The Coeur Business Group, and you will not get the chance to refute their information.  Most likely, the information is what you will freely give The Coeur Business Group in hopes they are there to help you make positive change.  A change where the department managers would start to listen to common sense and network security advise rather than turning a blind eye.  Just not so. 

The Coeur Business Group will use everything you give them as their own discovery and use it against you.  I, personally, would not give them ANY information about your network. Make them work for it, because they are going to take it anyway.

The Coeur Business Group methods are a joke.  Even their presentation to our council had images from the internet with watermarks on them from Usually if a water mark is on an image, it was stolen from the internet and not purchased, as you don’t purchase stock images and leave the the watermark on them.

Our infrastructure that we built was amazing.  We leveraged less than 10 Dell servers using VMWare ESX and had more than 100 virtual servers doing most of the City of Ocala’s workload.  Shawn Hoff, the manager of the Infrastructure team in IT, saved the city of Ocala millions of dollars building the ESX/Complellent infrastructure, rather than listening to project managers who wanted a physical server for each project or whim.

Read the full article about Coeur Business Group’s IT Audit

Ocala’s $180,000 IT Assessment Report by The Coeur Business Group



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