WebHostingPad website hosting is a scam!

WebHostingPad.com is a one-man show and is A SCAM: I took over a client’s website that had been hacked and had issues that was hosted through WebHostingPad.com.  Once I got the new site up and running on my vps server at liquidweb.com (awesome company), I cancelled their account at WebHostingPad.com.  I was told by the WebHostingPad.com support that I need to have an active credit card on the account before changes could be made.  So I put my business card in the WebHostingPad account settins and proceeded with cancelling the account at WebHostingPad.  The very day I cancelled the account 11/12/2013, WebHostingPad.com charged my card for upcoming year of hosting for $71.88.  I emailed the WebHostingPad.com billing department and I got an automated response.  I called the WebHostingPad  billing department and they assured me that it would be taken care of in the coming billing cycle.  Two months later, several email and phone calls, still no credit back from WebHostingPad.com.

I called WebHostingPad.com again today, 1/6/2014 and the support department picks up the billing departments phone call and tells me that the WebHostingPad billing department can only handle returns through email.  I asked to speak to a WebHostingPad.com manager immediately as I called the billing department and also emailed them and nobody is responding to my emails. The guy at WebHostingPad.com was extremely rude and kept repeating “you have to email billing or the managers” and that no one was able to handle it over the phone and talking over me.

The way he spoke, as well as when I re-dialed the phone, it immediately got disconnected, made me think that this company is nothing more than a one man show that has a licensed copy of WHMCS on a cheap vps server somewhere and is just over their head and probably will never return anybodies money.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.  WebHostingPad.com SUCKS.  Read the WebHostingPad reviews before ever giving them your credit card for website hosting!

Sincerely, Ocala Website Designs LLC

(We use LiquidWeb.com, an extremely reliable company for your VPS or website hosting.)

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