Disaster Protection for your Digital World

When it comes to natural disasters, fires, theft or anything else that endangers your digital data at home, or your business; are you totally confident that your data is truly protected? You can make sure your digital data is protected by using a superior email service as well as having a proper data backup routine setup.


Do you still have all your personal or business files on your local hard drive or a USB drive in your home? Only have one copy of that data or two on site? With our backup solution, you will have several copies available locally, as well as a copy with ‘versioning’ safely uploaded to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier Storage.

Versioning protects your data from hackers, if you get hit with ransomware or your files get infected and backed up to your local devices, or worse, gets backed up to the cloud, versioning keeps several different versions of your files so that they can be reverted back to their pre-infected state.

Our backup solutions give you multiple copies of your data locally (including a grab-and-go copy) as well as a final copy on the Amazon Cloud with versioning which gives you peace of mind that your data will be available after the disaster, ransomware, infection or theft.


Still using POP or iMAP email on your home or business computer or mobile device? Do you know that that POP usually downloads and deletes all email from your mail server, and iMAP only syncs email, but not contacts, calendar items or anything else. When your device is lost in a disaster or stolen, so is your email.  Our Hosted Exchange, which uses MAPI and ActiveSync, saves all email, contacts, calendar items and everything else in the cloud.  We can even delete your email from your mobile device if it’s lost or stolen so your email data is not compromised.

When disasters or theft endanger your home or business, the Hosted Exchange we offer, using MAPI and ActiveSync, is your best solution to make sure your email data is easy to recover and available immediately after the natural disaster is over.


Still using your QuickBooks on your local computer at home or work and don’t like using their online version? We can put your QuickBooks application on an Amazon Cloud Server where it’s protected from disasters. Not only does it protect your data but you can access the server from your office or your home or even when you are on vacation.  Give us a call about getting your QuickBooks in the cloud!

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