Office Chair Max Series (OH/MN98/NR) Review DXRacer Office Chair

760077702527Got the chair in just a few days, called once to check on it and spoke to a really nice woman on the first call who was able to answer some further questions for me. Un-boxed the well-packaged chair, easily set it up, only about 10 minutes. At first I was a little put off by the stiffness that others also commented on so I was prepared for it. Once I figured all the levers and buttons out, I absolutely love it. As a website designer in Ocala, FL, I sit a lot. I have sat in many $400 to $1200 chairs since I have been a network engineer and that required lots of sitting.

I spent yesterday in a chair that I couldn’t wait to get out of; today, I sat in my new DXRacer MAX Series and never thought once about sitting, it’s like a glove. I have mine tilted back a little with the backrest a little forward, both pillows are awesome. The headrest pillow, when positioned properly, really keeps your shoulders in alignment, although I’m a little short (6’ and 230lbs.) apparently, so I have to pull the pillow down, somewhat, into place but it’s certainly no big deal to do so. I would like to get one of the others one day for my wife, as well as to see how they sit. Great purchase, great chair, I would replace this chair for another DXRacer when/if the need ever arises.

Note: I am not affiliated with either DXRacer or EVODesk. I’m just a website designer that needed a better workstation considering how much time I site at my desk.

The DXRacer office chair coupled with an EVODesk … unbeatable combination for your office space!

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