EVODesk Standing Office Desk Review

evodesk-standardI, obviously, am a website designer. I sit most of the time when I work. I did a lot of research and ended up taking a chance on an EVODesk standing desk.  Evodesk is an awesome standing desk that allows me to get out of my chair and stand at my desk, rather than sitting, while working.  Even when I’m not standing, sometimes just raising or lowering the adjustable desk an inch or so while sitting, makes all the difference in the world to a long day of working and sitting.  The carbon 72″ desktop is clean and the ergo edge is a must. My forearms no longer feel like they are getting cut into by the edge of the desk.

I would recommend getting the memory controller so you can input your top standing and lowest settings you want to go.  I have a very tall tower pc so I made my first setting to stop just before hitting the pc.  There’s not much to say except it’s a really cool desk and feels great and is definitely worth the money as it’s not priced high at all. The cable management tray is solid, doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off like my last standing desk that more or less used sticky tape and the tray was plastic. The EVODesk cable tray is metal and uses screws to attach, so it’s solid.

The desktop comes with large solid wood screws as well in case you just bought the legs and wanted to make your own top which is nice.  The motor does its job, it’s quiet to me.  I ran all my cables through the hole in the desk but will most likely just run them off the back so I can push my large monitor further back.  I didn’t get the keyboard, in my opinion, those are not needed on an adjustable desk.  My last standing desk (not an EVODesk) had one and I removed it as it got in the way. The EVODesk is a solid desk, I don’t get any wobble or shake when I’m typing either.

Note: I am not affiliated with either DXRacer or EVODesk. I’m just a website designer that needed a better workstation considering how much time I site at my desk.

This EVODesk coupled with a DXRacer Office Chair is the ultimate combination!

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