WordPress Built-In Editor is broken with a “tinymce is not defined” error!

Have you logged into your WordPress website and noticed that your editing buttons are no longer available or that your text is white in the WordPress built-in editor, which makes it look like there is no content in the page, post or products?  I started seeing this recently, and after a few minutes of research,…
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WordPress Phishing/Malware Scam using All In One SEO pitch.

WordPress Users Watch Out! My clients are starting to get this through each of their websites, sucuri.net verified the link has malware.  Use Sucuri.net when in doubt! Security warning in the URL: http(:)//wordpresscommunity(.)NET/404javascript.js Suspicious domain detected. Details: http://sucuri.net/malware/malware-entry-mwblacklisted35 Location: http(:)//pagesinxt(.)com/?dn=wordpresscommunity.net&flrdr=yes&nxte=js This is the form from “WordPress Community” and the email address is from a random…
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