WordPress Built-In Editor is broken with a “tinymce is not defined” error!

Have you logged into your WordPress website and noticed that your editing buttons are no longer available or that your text is white in the WordPress built-in editor, which makes it look like there is no content in the page, post or products?  I started seeing this recently, and after a few minutes of research, testing, poking and prodding I found the culprit… It’s from the Sucuri Security plugin, one of the top security plugins for WordPress, which comes standard with every Ocala Website Designs LLC website. Apparently, if you had an older version of Sucuri installed, and secured the ‘wp-includes’ folder in WordPress, this can cause issues with the TinyMCE editor. FireBug will usually display the error as “tinymce is not defined” … Basically, the built-in editor for WordPress is getting blocked from running.  The solution is to simply visit the Sucuri plugin settings for “Hardening” and revert the “wp-includes” hardening done by the old version of the plugin, and then reapply the hardening to the wp-includes folder with the latest version of the plugin.  This will basically delete the .htaccess file and recreate it with the proper settings.

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