Is your Windows computer calling home for support? NO!

Don’t get Scammed! I actually just received this phone call from an Indian fellow explaining that his team/company works closely with Microsoft and that my Windows 7 computer is calling home for support. He said the Microsoft is to busy to follow up on all the computers phoning in for support that his company is…
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WordPress Phishing/Malware Scam using All In One SEO pitch.

WordPress Users Watch Out! My clients are starting to get this through each of their websites, verified the link has malware.  Use when in doubt! Security warning in the URL: http(:)//wordpresscommunity(.)NET/404javascript.js Suspicious domain detected. Details: Location: http(:)//pagesinxt(.)com/? This is the form from “WordPress Community” and the email address is from a random…
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DHS-Themed ransomware malware activity on the rise!

[message type=”warning”]The following information is from the National Cyber Awareness System and references an increase in activity of a Department of Homeland Security themed ransomware that will attempt to decieve a recipient for the purpose of illegal monetary gain.[/message] [divider] National Cyber Awareness System: Recent Reports of DHS-Themed Ransomware (UPDATE) Original release date: July 30,…
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