Playstation 3 has no video! Is my PS3 broke?

This is a little break from the normal information I usually have but it seemed worth posting about.  We recently had a tv stop working and we replaced it with another smaller tv.  Both were HDMI connections but all of a sudden the PS3 stopped showing video.  I could hear the Playstation start up but the tv screen was black.  The fix is to have everything connected, with the PS3 off.  Press the PS3 power button, you will here the initial first beep, and hold the Playstation 3 power button until you hear the second beep, then release.  This will make the PS3 rescan the video output from 480 to HD and your video will start working again.  It will ask you a few questions about finding a new HDMI device to which you answer and everything will start working again!

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