Underwater ROV Video and Photography

Looking for an underwater ROV videographer/photographer?

Our remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and live underwater video systems provide you with real-time video images of conditions under water. Still images and video can be recorded to document and share findings. Whether your use is professional or recreational, our ROV is the perfect system for your underwater viewing needs.

Whether checking your vessel’s hull, props or anchor set, studying marine life, inspecting tanks or dams, patrolling aquaculture environments or for search and recovery, we have an ROV that offers the underwater viewing tools to accomplish your mission effectively, efficiently and speedily.

  • Boat and mooring inspections, underwater hull viewing, lake bed discovery, general waterway exploration,
  • Marinas and yacht clubs safety checks, inspection of piers and docks and checking other marina conditions,
  • Water tank inspections.
  • Higher education, aquariums, spring inspection.
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